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Year after year, more people are being infected with the herpes virus, particularly genital herpes. And this is the reason why people are looking for an effective herpes treatment. The need for a cure is really more urgent than ever. Searching for a genital herpes cure is generally focused on the development of better treatment plans and on the study of the biology of the herpes simplex virus to have a better understanding on how it works. Through having more information on the way the herpes simplex virus works, methods and treatments could be devised to directly treat it and permanently eliminate the herpes’ infection.

However, researchers have come across various problems as they continue their research. First off, the virus which causes genital herpes hides in the nervous system of humans, remaining temporarily dormant until an outbreak is triggered. A group of researchers from Duke University made a discovery as they were able to find the part of the viral genome which actually allows the herpes virus to hide in latent periods. Continuous studies are being done to develop a drug which could fight off this viral behavior. Such a drug could help in making sure that patients infected with herpes would only suffer a single attack from the time of treatment as the medication would be able to kill off the virus completely.

There are also some scientists who have been able to identify the enzymes and genes which the herpes simplex virus needs in order to survive. However, there remains much to be done as far as coming up with a drug or an effective treatment that can disrupt these genes are concerned.

Research for a vaccine for herpes is also being done. Scientists are working on a herpes vaccine which is made from: the proteins that are on the cell surface of the HSV, the DNA of the virus; and the peptides that present targets to the immune system. They are testing the safety and effectiveness of this vaccine as well as of the topical preparations which contain microbe killing compounds.

Although there has already been a lot of progress and development in the formulation of a permanent cure for herpes, scientists and researchers think that it may still be a couple more years before a permanent cure for herpes is finally discovered or created. In the meantime, those who are infected with herpes can always try out this new and most effective natural herpes cure breakthrough.

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